Should I Frame It?

You can never underestimate the ability of custom framing to elevate your treasured artwork or memorabilia to another level of appreciation.

As you pass through the living room, you glance at the stunning piece above the couch that you brought back from a recent trip of a lifetime.  Instantly, memories flood back of what a wonderful time you had.  When you reach your child’s room, you gaze at the pair of baby shoes you had framed to remember those first steps.  Your child is grown now and expecting your first grandchild.  You will undoubtedly add to the collection in order to remember snapshots of your life that seem to have flown by.

Your house truly becomes your home when you surround yourself with pieces that have an emotional attachment to a person, place or time in your life.  When you have something custom framed, you are investing in the memory and that is priceless.

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